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Shemya: The first book, available now.
A tiny frigid American island inhabited by about 1500 military and civilian men is the setting for “Shemya,” a mostly true story about overcoming hardship to get the job done.

During the Cold War in 1968, Air Force Sergeant Tom Anderson was sent to Shemya, a tiny speck of land located at the end of the Alaskan Aleutian Islands, about 230 miles from Russia, the enemy. His job there was to maintain the electronics that civilian and military aircraft used to locate his island and avoid the nearby Russian airspace.

When he arrived there, he found that the electronics were in a condition of near failure. This was his biggest and most immediate challenge, but other things got in the way. From the complications of daily living to the dangers inherent in the location, Tom dealt with deadly forces regularly.

Learning to overcome all the adversities that nature and bureaucracy threw his way, Tom gained the upper hand in the fight that was his existence on the island, and even managed to laugh at the situation the way American GIs always do.
2 Wheels/2 Weeks (2W²)Available now.
After setting up his final project for grading, he left the fifth year design studio, saying farewell to his architecture studies at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and climbed aboard his 750 Yamaha motorcycle with the Florida keys on his mind. It was August 20, 1974, and George Lawrence was burned-out from the intensity of his effort to finish school. A stop tonight with the parents of his best friend near Atlanta, a day's ride to stay with another friend near Waycross, Georgia, and then it was on to Florida, where he would be in new territory.
His intention was to maintain a low-key presence in his travels, but others would see to it that his vacation was not what he had expected. A chance meeting with a beautiful woman lead to a more involved relationship than he had ever foreseen, while a cocaine dealing motorcycle gang leader set his sights on the vacationing Lawrence.
Some of the surprises and happenings were intensely enriching for his mind and soul, but there were others that left him in the throes of terror-inducing threats to his very existence.
Coming in 2019:
Two Wheels/75 (2W75) --working title: The third book, estimated availability in winter of '19.
Thomas Anderson has progressed a bit beyond the conceptual phase, and is working on a continuation of the series started by "Two Wheels/Two Weeks." The story-line will involve George working as an intern-architect in Oak Ridge Tennessee, commuting from Knoxville. He buys a new motorcycle, a 1975 BMW R90/6 and uses it to ride to work. Janice is a grad student at the University of Tennessee. Jerry Fox reappears as do several other characters from 2W². 
The Lucky Diamonds motorcycle club is a featured group in the story, and the Devils Demons are also there in their malevolent presence. There is drug dealing and evilness galore.
There will be nothing less than a historic cataclysm by the end of the book. We shall see what transpires.