About me:

Thomas Anderson is the pen name under which I write. Under that pseudonym, there are two books for which this is the index site, directing my vast throngs of followers to the locations where they can purchase my writings.

I am also a frequent contributor to the online Conservative Commentary Website, Scragged.com, where my columns can be read under the Thomas Anderson name listed in the Guest Editorial Section. My columns on that site number about 35 at present, and are usually published about once a week.

Thomas Anderson Feazel is my real name, and that is the name under which I practice architecture. I am a registered architect in Florida and Alabama currently, having allowed my other four Southern state registrations to lapse.

My website, WorldWearyArchitect.com is available, and I habitually add a column (different from Scragged) every Sunday and as events transpire during the week. I began writing those columns in June 2016. My output of columns has become a little more than sporadic since January, since I am recovering from a stroke.

I am updating this in June, 2019, and intend to return to my more normal output of columns soon. I will be working on the next in the series of books, and hope to publish again before 2019 is out.